Extended Validation (EV) SSL

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Set your site security to maximum with a EV SSL. The EV stands for Extended Validation, which means you’re getting the highest standard of SSL available on the planet. You also get to show your security off to every customer with the famous green browser bar. They can see that every last bit of their data or payment is safe, and that you’re the kind of business that leaves nothing to chance.

  • Great for E-commerce, corporate, NGO, or governmental websites
  • Single domain supported
  • Extended Validation
  • Comodo SSL
  • Very high
  • Encryption (up to 256-bit)

EV SSL provides full business validation, your certificate may take up to 20-25 business days to be issued.


Q: What is SSL?

A: SSL is a type of digital certificate that you can install on your website to encrypt the connection of anyone visiting. Encryption secures any information sent over the connection, keeping it safe from potentially malicious actors.


Q: Why do I need SSL?

A: SSL is vital if you want to keep your website visitors’ data safe and secure. Beyond that, it can help boost SEO and ensure that popular web browsers don’t flag your site as “not secure”.


Q: How can I secure my site?

A: Installing an SSL certificate is an excellent start. Get the ball rolling by figuring out the best type to choose for your site. After you’ve gotten your SSL, check out some other ways to secure your site.


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We offer refunds on SSL certificates within 5 days of purchase if the SSL hasn’t been issued yet. If your SSL has been issued, we do not offer refunds if it has been issued. Find out more about our refund policy.


Q: Can you install my SSL for me?

A: We sure can. Our SSL installation expert can guide you through screen sharing or do everything for you with temporary credentials. Find out more about how it works.


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